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*Alarm notifications direct to your phone*
*Control Alarm and view Cameras from the same App*
*New low light Cameras – Amazing colour images at night !*
*Remote maintenance to ensure correct operation*
*Fully Trading Standards Approved*
*Deal with a Local company you can trust*

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Now available

Low light Cameras giving stunning colour images, even at night !

The new colour at night Cameras

Until recently black and white images at night with infra red cameras were the standard that was accepted.

Now with the new technology we can now enjoy colour images at night.

These new cameras will give colour images in low light conditions as shown in the picture, or in really dark situations they have a built in white light that automatically comes on to maintain the colour images.

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Features & Benefits

Of our services…

A full range of cameras

We can offer a full range of cameras to cover every situation, anti vandal dome cameras, turret and bullet cameras, fixed and varifocal lens.
Selecting the right camera and lens is important to ensure should you be unfortunate to have an incident that the images will be clear and useful.

The Latest Security Equipment

These days we don’t need to rely on just audible alarm systems, we can now receive notifications direct to our phones, check which sensor has “tripped” and take the necessary action.

External Visual Deterrent

A big part of an Alarm System is the visual deterrent, we fit external tamper proof boxes in a prominent position.
Ideally high and visible to the front and rear of the property, ensuring any potential burglar is deterred from making any attempt to break in.

We Stand behind our service

Approved by both Kent County Council Trading standards and Medway Fair Trader Scheme. Assuring you our commitment to customer service.

Our Installations

We always endeavour to make our installations smart, neat and unobtrusive. A compromise between visibility to deter thieves and smart to complement your home.

All controlled from one App

With our systems you can monitor your alarm system, receive alarm notifications and view your cameras all from the one App

We Always include as standard:

 Site assessment to ensure correct specification

Remote access via smart phone or tablet

Professional and tidy installation

Demonstration of  systems operations

App installed on smartphone or tablet

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