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Our Alarm Installations

Sophisticated but User Friendly

The Burglar Alarm Systems we install are very technically advanced but very simple to operate. They can be armed and disarmed in a variety of ways, each panel has a built in keypad allowing the system to be operated by entering your personal pin number, additionally it has a tag reader which operates by simply presenting the tag to the panel. The most popular method is the fob, this allows the panel to be installed out of the way, in a cupboard for example and the fob will operate wherever you are in your home. Finally the Burglar Alarm system can be operated from your phone, not only do you receive notifications to your phone in the event of an alarm but you can also arm and disarm it from your phone wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection.

Don’t D I Y !

Although it can be very tempting for someone who likes DIY, we would advise against this approach. Designing, programming and installing a Burglar Alarm system can be quite involved to ensure the right level of protection and reliability. We have under gone many different specialist courses on design, installation and programming of Security Systems.

The Installation Process

The majority of the equipment that we install is “wireless”, the alarm system is designed and programmed prior to the installation, making the mess and disruption in your home minimal. Our Alarm systems will normally be installed in less than a day. After the installation we will install the App on your phone, register the system and demonstrate all the operations and features of the system. 

The Maintenance Package

 All Burglar Alarm systems require servicing to ensure they are operating correctly and will not fail at a critical time. We offer a remote servicing package, by “logging in” to your system remotely we can check the correct operation of all sensors, batteries and sounders. This in turn saves you money as we only need to do a physical service call every two years.

Security Alarms

Questions & Answers

There are many questions that you may have, some may be answered below, if not please call us and we will do our best to help.
Can I receive notifications straight to my phone ?

There are various notification available, you can be notified of an “alarm” condition or every time the system id armed or disarmed.

Is it easy to operate ?

Although it is a very advanced alarm system, to operate can be as easy as pushing a button.

How much disruption will there be during installation ?

Very little, all our burglar alarm systems utilise the latest in wireless technology, making installation quick and tidy.

Do the batteries need changing very often ?

No, the batteries in the detectors will last over two years in normal operation.

What about maintenance ?

Now that we can offer remote maintenance, we recommend a physical service call on you burglar alarm every two years, although we do not tie you to a contract.

All of our Alarm Installation packages include:

Free visit and no obligation quotation.

Tidy installation of equipment, no mess – guaranteed.

System is specifically designed for your property.

Full instructions on how to operate your Alarm System.

Installation of App and set up to your smart phone.

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